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image of finding your footing when business cycles change

Finding your footing when business cycles change

This is the fifth and final installment in "The Business of Hiking" series. The previous four installments focused on business strategies I was reminded of on specific hikes during a recent trip to the Smoky Mountains. This post discusses the more general … [Read More...]

Image of Rainbow Falls Warning Sign

Rainbow Falls: Take risks off the beaten path

Every single one of us has a different tolerance for how we take risks. For example, we climbed right past the sign that read, "Warning: Climbing on Falls Hazardous Stay on Constructed Trail ..." not because we are stupid, but because as a group we have … [Read More...]

Image of Alum Cave Bluff Trail

Alum Cave Bluff: Knowing your own pace

Hiking with a group can be a tricky proposition, especially when the group is composed of young folks, older folks, folks carrying backpacks and folks stopping to take pictures along the way. Not everyone in the group will have the same pace on the trail, and … [Read More...]

image of sugarlands stone cabin

Stone Cabin Trail: Knowing when to turn back

Photo Credit: Joe Kegley There is a difference between turning back and quitting. Quitting is something you do when you are scared of failure or just don't want to do whatever it is you should be doing because it's difficult. Turning back is something you … [Read More...]

Image of Baskin Creek Falls

Baskin Creek Falls: Rock Bottom Recovery

When you are at the bottom, there is nowhere to go but up. Rock bottom is a term frequently associated with addiction and recovery. While the term makes a lot of sense in that context, we probably all have had times in our life that we would identify as low … [Read More...]