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Why Helping Others Is An Awesome Business Strategy

Helping others can be a tricky topic because it likely has a different meaning for each of us. For you it might mean donating clothing or other gently used household items to a charitable organization. For others it might mean giving money to a charitable … [Read More...]

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My take on impacting the future

Photo Credit Over the last few months my mantra has become: "Focus on what can be - not what is or has been - because you can only impact the future." It's pointless to waste your time and energy worrying about the choices you've made that got you to where … [Read More...]

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Smiling and Dialing

Photo Credit Perhaps you've heard the expression in business that "nothing happens until someone sells something." Smiling and dialing is an important step in the sales process. If you want to increase sales you have to do more than just let people know … [Read More...]

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Finding your footing when business cycles change

This is the fifth and final installment in "The Business of Hiking" series. The previous four installments focused on business strategies I was reminded of on specific hikes during a recent trip to the Smoky Mountains. This post discusses the more general … [Read More...]