The 2012 Plan

Planning works. A year ago, I shared The 2011 Plan and last week I shared the success story of that plan when I wrote "How to make what you write come true." Finding a planning method that works for you is, unfortunately, not so easy. I've settled on a method that combines Chris Brogan's three words … [Read more...]

WordPress Enhancement Cyber Monday Picks

This is post 674 since I started blogging in July of 2005. For all of those 674 posts, I've depended on the WordPress platform to power I've watched WordPress grow into the feature-rich, community-supported, open source solution it is today. As great as WordPress is, if you're goal is … [Read more...]

How Thesis Theme makes managing blog post images easy

If you've been a reader here for any length of time, you know I utilize the Thesis Theme to power this site as well as several others. Because seldomly read documentation, I "discover" Thesis features almost daily. For example, I add an image to almost every post on this blog. For a few months, I … [Read more...]

Establishing Online Authority

After presenting Selling at (and to) a Higher Level for the first time last week, many of the audience followup questions centered around establishing online authority. I'm going to run through the steps I have used to increase traffic on this site, over at ColorMetrix and on, which we … [Read more...]

21 days to a (better) blog – part 3

This is the third Installment of the 21 days to a (better) blog series. It will make a great deal more sense if you have read week 1: up and running and week 2: the devil is in the details.¬†This week I am leaving out the redundant writing, posting and editing schedule. By now you should have settled … [Read more...]

WordPress Theme Frameworks and Child Themes (Skins)

Over the last few weeks I've been asked by several people how do you pick a WordPress theme. The real answer is I got lucky and fell into one of the best ones, Thesis(aff link) about a year ago when I was redesigning Recently I discovered the power of a child theme or skin combined … [Read more...]

Stuff I Like About WordPress

Not too long ago I wrote "Stuff I Like About My Mac", and it was well received based upon Google Analytics. So, this will be my second "Stuff I Like" post with more to come on appropriate topics. I have been using WordPress for about four years now. Early on I was simply an author on a system one … [Read more...]