The 2012 Plan

Planning works. A year ago, I shared The 2011 Plan and last week I shared the success story of that plan when I wrote "How to make what you write come true." Finding a planning method that works for you is, unfortunately, not so easy. I've settled on a method that combines Chris Brogan's three words … [Read more...]

How a peer group will help double your business

Author's note: Parts of this post were published over at Kitchen Table Companies as a Success Story. The "What I wish we'd had" section below reveals the secret sauce I've stumbled upon over the last couple years - this one is a freebie my friends, enjoy it. Then one day you wake up and realize … [Read more...]

Linkedin: Finding the Full Value of the Ecosystem

I know plenty of people (myself included) who struggle to find the value of Linkedin. My gut tells me there is plenty of value there and I have found several small pockets of success already. The goal now is develop a more complete understanding of the entire Linkedin ecosystem and how to maximize … [Read more...]

Selling Dreams – Vimeo Video and Slide Deck

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of speaking to the Milwaukee PHP User Group about selling dreams which is what solutions based software companies (like mine ColorMetrix) do. It was fun to have my business partner Michael Litscher there to interject his thoughts about some of the selling dreams … [Read more...]