Twitter and nonprofits – Jim Says

Shelby and I are on the road this week but have no fear because #shehechat will take place at its normal time at 8 p.m. CST Thursday. We’ll just be tweeting from a pretty cool revolving bar in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Recently I was asked to participate in a panel discussion about social … [Read more...]

How social sharing can be a sales tool

Spotify allows you to listen to the playlists your social media friends create and share. While this can save you time when you aren't sure what you want to listen to, it also allows you to get to know a person better. Music can be as personal as religion. Knowing what kind of music a person likes … [Read more...]

Why your Klout score matters

Your Klout score matters for the same reason your bank account balance matters or, for that matter, the level of your car's gas gauge. Klout is a measure of how far you've come in social media and more importantly how far you can go. I'm not one of those people who thinks we should all just get … [Read more...]

How do you incorporate Google Plus in your blogging strategy – Jim Says

I decided to jump in the Google Plus (G+) waters fairly early. Based upon Google's two recent failures in the social space, Buzz and Wave, this was a relatively risky use of my time to learn and grow with the service through its beta and limited invitation period. It's been a good decision as I … [Read more...]

Social media signal and noise

How do you separate the signal (those messages that matter) from all the noise that exists in the social media universe? Without a strategy and some tactics to back it up, it's very easy to get lost in the noise. I'm not saying the noise isn't interesting and even fun. Instead I'm personally … [Read more...]