The 2012 Plan

Planning works. A year ago, I shared The 2011 Plan and last week I shared the success story of that plan when I wrote "How to make what you write come true." Finding a planning method that works for you is, unfortunately, not so easy. I've settled on a method that combines Chris Brogan's three words … [Read more...]

Are you solving business or techincal problems?

I just concluded a conversation during which I realized why my success has grown so significantly over the last two or three years. In a nut shell, while ColorMetrix products can be used to solve technical problems that is not what Jim Raffel does. I solve business problems. Solving technical … [Read more...]

Creativity and Coloring

When you were young how did you color? Did you color inside the lines? Did you color the grass green and the sky blue? Did you color the background or just the object? How would you color today? I believe we can find answers to our creative outlook in questions like these. Photo Credit … [Read more...]

Creativity the Idea Box way

After writing the role of coffee in blog writing I received a suggestion in the Idea Box for several future blog topics. Scroll down a bit and take a peek over to your right to see what the idea box looks like. As I read through the reader's ideas it occurred to me that a post like this would … [Read more...]

Creativity and drawing: skill or mindset?

The following are notes I captured at a recent Translator lab hours session. It's not the drawing that's creative, it's the thought. Sketching isn't drawing. Drawing or sketching is the output of the creativity. ...and that can be applied without the sketch. how "good" or "bad" is talent or … [Read more...]